Bran Ferren on the Art of Innovation

A celebrated proprietor of innovation skunk-works Applied Minds, Bran Ferren, explains how companies can cultivate the rare people who create miracles. Ferren spoke with strategy+business at the Applied Minds rapid prototyping facility in Burbank, Calif. The conversation cut to the heart of a key aspiration for many business leaders: fostering greatness, in the form of … [Read more…]

America Doesn’t Do Enough to Protect Its Innovative Designs 

Great design means great products, which means great experiences for consumers, and great productivity for society. To maintain America’s lead in this field, it is critical that we continue to incentivize investment in great design by ensuring that our design protection laws remain strong. Source: America Doesn’t Do Enough to Protect Its Innovative Designs

Obama Makes The Presidential Innovation Fellows Permanent | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

Today, President Obama signed an executive order to make the Presidential Innovation Fellows Program a permanent facet of the federal government. The 12-month program, started in 2012, brings entrepreneurs, technologists, and other innovators into the fold of various issues facing the government and teams them up with government employees to devise solutions for those issues.The … [Read more…]

A closer look at Sony’s first crowdfunded products

It could be the start of a new Sony — a company that’s trying to recalibrate its new product compass by throwing nascent ideas and projects to the public… and asking for money. Perhaps Sony’s most interesting move might be launching First Flight, its very own crowdfunding platform-slash-online store expressly for its employees’ pet projects. … [Read more…]