Using Gantt Charts in an Agile for Hardware

A common misconception when it comes to scrum is to do away with Gantt Charts.  But Agile for Hardware embraces the use of Gantt Charts. The thing with Gantt Charts is that they are inherently anti-Agile, its that they are so strongly associated with Waterfall planning that it’s difficult to separate the two. However, Gantt … [Read more…]

How To: Make a Fewer, Bigger, Better Approach Work in Innovation

To address their disappointing innovation results, many management teams advocate a strategy of launching Fewer, Bigger, Better products. While this is a sound approach, it has proven difficult to execute. Success requires the organizational resolve, discipline and confidence to launch fewer projects and still meet top-line innovation goals. Source: Innovation Excellence | How To: Make … [Read more…]

Innovation Excellence | Four Reasons to take a Rapid Prototyping Approach to Your PLM Implementation

In today’s fast-paced, highly visual and interactive world, it is difficult and unrealistic to drive enthusiasm and deliver strong results from a new PLM implementation with an approach that is documentation-driven, slow-moving and highly bureaucratic. Rapid prototyping or agile development, which is an iterative and collaborative approach characterized by short “requirement –> build –> test” … [Read more…]

The Most Important Design Jobs Of The Future

“Yesterday’s graphic designers are today’s UX designers. Will tomorrow’s UX designers will be avatar programmers, fusionists, and artificial organ designers? Yes, according to the illustrious roster of design leaders we spoke with here. “Design has matured from a largely stylistic endeavor to a field tasked with solving thorny technological and social problems, an evolution that … [Read more…]