Review: ‘American Genius’ Focuses on Rivalries on the Road to Innovations –

Starting June 1 the National Geographic channel starts a series with an interesting viewpoint on innovation; the rivalries and competition that drove and defined some of the most important breakthroughs. This eight-part series on the National Geographic Channel begins on Monday with episodes about Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, and the Wright brothers and Glenn … [Read more…]

18 Must-Follow Venture Capitalist Twitter Accounts | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

8 MUST-FOLLOW VENTURE CAPITALIST TWITTER ACCOUNTS YOU CAN’T GO WRONG WITH THE MIX OF INSPIRATION AND NEWS THAT THESE VCS PROVIDE ON SOCIAL MEDIA. IT’S THE NEXT BEST THING TO GETTING AN MBA. The world and parlance of venture capital can be tough to navigate and inscrutable, respectively. However, by following some new Twitter accounts, … [Read more…]

KFC’s Tray Typer keeps you clicking even with greasy fingers

This slick keyboard is part of Kentucky Fried Chicken’s latest advertising campaign in Germany. Known as the “Tray Typer”, this reusable keyboard is barely thicker than the standard paper inserts. It connects to a phone via Bluetooth and allows you to continue using your mobile device after your fingers have been sullied with chicken renderings. … [Read more…]

Innovate on Purpose: Innovate your processes before innovating your products

In order to innovate successfully, a company must innovate and update its existing internal processes before trying to innovate products and services.  Companies worry about the investment and time associated with developing a new product, concerned that customers won’t accept or adopt a new product.  This should be a secondary concern, because the vast majority … [Read more…]

Dating site for mastermind groups | Springwise

Internet algorithms are helping users find their dream jobs, their future partners and now, their ideal mastermind group. Mastermind groups are small peer support networks in which members offer each other assistance on business and personal development — through feedback, accountability and idea exchange. MindFind is a platform which enables users to find their mastermind … [Read more…]