Big Company Innovation Labs Won’t Work From The Creativity Guru

For successful innovation, you have to spread a culture of creativity throughout the organization. Creating a separate innovation lab doesn’t work.  It’s just a trendy name for what used to be called the R&D group. We learned that didn’t work back in the 1970s and 1980s. Calling it an “innovation lab” doesn’t make any difference … [Read more…]

Bran Ferren on the Art of Innovation

A celebrated proprietor of innovation skunk-works Applied Minds, Bran Ferren, explains how companies can cultivate the rare people who create miracles. Ferren spoke with strategy+business at the Applied Minds rapid prototyping facility in Burbank, Calif. The conversation cut to the heart of a key aspiration for many business leaders: fostering greatness, in the form of … [Read more…]