Obama Makes The Presidential Innovation Fellows Permanent | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

Today, President Obama signed an executive order to make the Presidential Innovation Fellows Program a permanent facet of the federal government. The 12-month program, started in 2012, brings entrepreneurs, technologists, and other innovators into the fold of various issues facing the government and teams them up with government employees to devise solutions for those issues.The … [Read more…]

A closer look at Sony’s first crowdfunded products

It could be the start of a new Sony — a company that’s trying to recalibrate its new product compass by throwing nascent ideas and projects to the public… and asking for money. Perhaps Sony’s most interesting move might be launching First Flight, its very own crowdfunding platform-slash-online store expressly for its employees’ pet projects. … [Read more…]

3D-printed bottle caps will let you know if your milk goes bad

Researchers from the University of California at Berkley and National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan created a “smart cap” for food storage containers that can detect spoilage. Using 3D-printed electronics, the lids house circuits and passive wireless sensors that are capable of determining if milk or juice has spoiled when it comes in contact with … [Read more…]

The Next Innovation Opportunity in China

What began as low-cost support for local operations became an effort to adapt technologies to cater to local market demand. Now, some multinationals are changing course yet again: Having recognized China’s rise as a global innovation leader, they are tapping into the country’s thriving science and technology knowledge base to pursue fundamental research. Source: The … [Read more…]

Innovate on Purpose: Innovation: We’ll know it when we see it

The real truth about innovation and its definitions and outcomes is that we recognize innovation when the market shifts and provides outsized rewards to companies that address important, unmet customer needs.  Until that time good ideas often seem unusual or risky, not worth pursuing. Then, when a competitor capitalizes and creates a great new product, … [Read more…]

In Microsoft’s Nokia Debacle, a View of an Industry’s Feet of Clay – The New York Times

“It’s a valid question,” Mr. Dediu said. “It’s not automatic that you can transition success from one platform to another. To survive long term in this industry, you have to create a new category or be a fast follower.” He compared Microsoft to IBM, another technology giant “that seems to be in a slow decline … [Read more…]