Hot Spots For Health Tech Startups

A rise in digital health solutions has the potential to alter the nature of the doctor-patient dynamic through increasing virtual treatment, self-care and engagement. An estimated $2.8 billion was used to fund digital health startups last year, and an even bigger influx of startup cash is emerging in this area. Accenture estimates that funding for … [Read more…]

Pirelli: Innovation and Luxury – Cool Hunting

We wanted to find out more about the process of creating a luxury tire, so we spoke with Steve Carpino—Vice President of Research and Development at Pirelli North America—about product innovation, form versus function and the difference between “luxury” and “premium”. Source: Pirelli: Innovation and Luxury – Cool Hunting

Review: ‘American Genius’ Focuses on Rivalries on the Road to Innovations –

Starting June 1 the National Geographic channel starts a series with an interesting viewpoint on innovation; the rivalries and competition that drove and defined some of the most important breakthroughs. This eight-part series on the National Geographic Channel begins on Monday with episodes about Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, and the Wright brothers and Glenn … [Read more…]